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Windward Aviationprovides a comprehensive array of aviation maintenance and repair services from spinner to tail lamp. We service single-engine, multi-engine and turboprop aircraft from all the major aircraft manufacturers: Beechcraft, Cessna, Mooney Piper as well as Classic aircraft.


Windward Aviation is an approved LSA Service Center, specializing in Tecnam and Rotax products. Services available include: Maintenance, Upgrades, Repair and Restoration, Sheet Metal Repairs, Avionics, Propeller Maintenance and Overhaul, Engine Maintenance and Overhaul, TCM Link Center, Engine Fuel System Adjustments, Flight Test and Delivery, Paint and Interior, Detailing, Annual and Pre-Purchase Inspections, Hangar Space, Total Aircraft Management.

annual inspections, upgrades and restorationsAttention to Detail and a Clean Shop Make Sure Your Aircraft is Well Cared For

Maintenance: Everything from oil changes through Annual Inspections and major restorations. Engine and propeller changes. Full engine troubleshooting and adjustments. Air Conditioning service and installation. No maintenance is considered routine — it's all-important!!!

Upgrades: Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s) for AMSAFE Airbags, Kelly Air Conditioning, Full Line of D’Shannon Aviation and Knots2U Modifications, Tip tanks, GAMIjectors, Standby Generators, Vortex Generators, LoPresti Boom Beams and other Modifications, Engine and Propeller Upgrades, Baffle Cooling Kits, Window Upgrades, Sound Proofing, Bob Fields and Other Door Seals, Seat Upgrades, Aluminum Beech Elevators, JPI, Insight And Horizon Engine Monitors, Air/Oil Separators, Avionics Upgrades and 406 MHz ELT’s.

Repair And Restoration: All minor and major repairs are accomplished with staff A&P and IA FAA Certified mechanics, including in-house sheet metal repair capability. Our leadership provides engineering oversight to provide solutions for the toughest performance and field repair problems. A steady workforce means the customer has encyclopedic systems knowledge available and factory service technical support when needed. The day you are an owner is the day you are a seller. Protect your investment by maintaining your aircraft and taking credit for the maintenance in your logbooks.

Turboprop/Twin Aircraft: Some of the services provided by Windward Aviation for turboprop/twin aircraft include: full-scale, electrical and engine troubleshooting and repairs; environmental repairs and pressurization checks; and avionics repairs. Click here for more information about our turboprop/twin services.

Flight Test And Delivery: Many customers have us flight test their aircraft to achieve top performance and minimal downtime. Our airport becomes your airport when we pick-up and/or deliver your aircraft.

Hangar Space: Windward Aviation tenants receive service above and beyond industry standards. Properly inflating the tires and cleaning windows are just two of the courtesies Windward customers have come to appreciate. No surprises when the customer comes to fly!

Detailing: Experienced staff cleans your aircraft. Extra care is given to your aircraft to extend its life as well enhance its ramp appeal. No pressure washers here. We'll let you decide if the aircraft is also faster!

Pre-Purchase Inspections: Buy it right! We have developed an approach to pre-purchase inspections that takes the guesswork out of purchasing an aircraft. The buyer should reasonably expect to purchase an airworthy aircraft with full documentation. Not all aircraft are alike!