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Meet Our Team

Windward Aviation has provided quality aircraft maintenance in South Florida since 1995. Our services and product offerings have continually grown to meet or exceed the expectations of General Aviation customers.


Jim & Reese Leach have put together an outstanding staff of A&P and IA FAA certified mechanics with over 250 years of aircraft experience. And with our extensive contacts throughout the aviation industry, we can solve the toughest repair issues.

Jim & Reese Leach’s staff have decades of aviation experience
Jim & Reese Leach Have an Outstanding Staff With Decades of Aviation Experience

Windward Aviation staff are highly trained and experienced A&P and IA FAA certified mechanics. On average, we service over 220 aircraft each year. A steady workforce means a seasoned look for troubleshooting. We keep beginner’s eyes for new problems too.

Windward mechanics use proven manufacturer- and FAA-approved and accepted methods and procedures. Our quality system centers on the ability to check each other’s work and in many cases to flight-test the aircraft for the customer.

All of the Windward Aviation staff have a general aviation, commercial and/or military aviation background. Most are pilots themselves. As aircraft owners, Jim and Reese have your interests at heart. We continually develop ways to keep your maintenance costs affordable without sacrificing safety.

Pilot training rarely includes how to be an owner. Many instructors have never owned an aircraft or been responsible for aircraft maintenance. All Windward customers benefit from our attention to detail and “getting the books right”. The FARs say the owner is responsible for the aircraft records. You can delegate this responsibility to Windward and be assured the work is actually performed.

Windward Aviation has contributed to developing standards for General Aviation where there were none. Aging aircraft issues have motivated us to develop practices and repair techniques that balance safety concerns with parts availability and costs, repair procedures and customer schedules. Our field-seasoned staff has experience in developing repairs and providing maintenance that lasts.

Jim and Reese have extensive aviation experience beyond the maintenance arena. Both are engineers working in aircraft engine design, test, development, overhaul and manufacturing. In addition they have owned and/or operated aircraft for over 40 years. Some of the largest and most respected aviation companies work with Windward Aviation to provide additional technical support and expertise. We do not hesitate to call manufacturers to get additional technical support. Having industry contacts that trust us to use best practices opens new information channels for the GA customer.