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Free Inspection

Get a FREE, no-obligation inspection of your aircraft
Want piece-of-mind that your aircraft is safe and air-worthy? Then take advantage of our FREE, 21-point inspection of your aircraft to ensure that all the major items and systems are in good working order.

To schedule your free inspection, fill in this form below, or call us toll-free at 1-800-546-8668.

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21 Point Inspection

1. Tire Pressure And Condition

2. Brake linings and discs

3. Brake Hoses

4. Gear Srut Extension

5. Steering Linkage

6. Battery Fluid Level And Terminals

7. Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir Level

8. Engine Cooling Baffles

9. Exhaust Gaskets And Studs

10. Exhaust Muffler Visual Inspection

11. Oil and Fuel Hoses

12. Engine Shock Mounts

13. Ignition Leads

14. Fuel Injector Lines

15. Propeller

16. External Corrosion

17. Sheet Metal Inspection For Dents, Cracks, Popped Rivets

18. Aircraft Rigging Visual Inspection

19. Flight Control Attachment Hardware

20. Window Condition

21. Door Seals

Call Windward Aviation located in Lantana, Florida, at 800-546-8668 to schedule your free, 21-point inspection.